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Jam Nation October 2018 - In collaboration with iThrive Games

Challenge: Make a serious game about mental health, without using any words

Being the life of the party isn't easy...

A serious game about social anxiety. The sensation that nothing you do is right. The dread of speaking to others. The perception that everyone hates you and wishes you weren't there... This game is about simulating those feelings for others to understand, and offering a message of hope to those that might be experiencing them.

Équipe Étoile Reborn (Team Reborn Star)

  • Léandre Bolduc
  • Anthony Cousineau
  • Alexandre Gagné
  • Justin Loranger-Ahluwalia
  • Alexis Morin
  • Roxane Morin


  • Andre Jetson - Internet Friends
  • Kai Engel - Mare
  • Blear Moon - Cold Summer Landscape


YMBFaP_V1.1.zip 54 MB

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